So what should I expect?

I know that booking a wedding videographer is a big deal. We'll be the ones following you around on your wedding day and capturing the most epic day of your life. So I want to make sure we are a good fit. Sit back and get cozy, friend. Let’s dive into what it’s like when you hire me. 


It’s important for me to become friends with you. Who wants a stranger to show up on their wedding day and throw a camera in their face? Um, probably no one. I get to know you and your partner, your story and what is most important to you. I’m gonna crack jokes, throw out Office quotes and become the third wheel you actually want to have around. When I show up on your wedding day I am seriously as pumped as you! Ok, maybe no one can top your happiness but I’m competing for second place! I put my all into making sure your day goes as smoothly as possible and when you get your wedding film you see the day as you felt it.  


Ok you’re super excited to work with me but you’re like “Ok, what’s next?”


First up, contact me! Head to my contact page and fill out the form. I will get back to you super fast, because ya know, who likes waiting? We'll jump on a call to basically gush about all your amazing wedding details, the venue, and your love story! I also answer any questions you have for me. 


Ready to officially book me? Hell yes! I send over your contract and invoice. It’s all electronic and I keep it simple. You'll have the option to choose a standard package and add-on additional services/deliverables (such as raw footage). 


We keep in touch throughout your whole wedding planning process. I film your wedding. We laugh, dance, and have an amazing time.


Within 12 weeks I deliver your wedding film. You basically feel like this:

Ya feel me?

You laugh. You cry. Your film is nominated for Best Picture. (Jk, but you’ll feel like it). You are transported back to your wedding day! Share your film with your friends and family so that they can relive the day with you. 


Ready to get started? Head to my contact page next!

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